Clothing & More Swap

Morris Menage has decided to make this a monthly event (dependent on venue availability. So if you wouldn’t mind having one of these at your home, let me know.). So, if you miss one, look to our calendar because there should be another one coming up soon.

What is a Clothing & More Swap, you may ask.

Well… everyone brings clothes, unopened food items, toys, books, and anything they feel someone might really find useful or want and that they want to get rid of. At the party all of the clothes are somewhat loosely organized together, usually by gender and age group, and everyone gets to pick and swap items to add to their wardrobe. Doesn’t that sound like a great way to get rid of clothes you don’t wear anymore and add new pieces to wear?

We’re always looking for volunteers who have sewing machines and/or would be interested in helping to up-cycle the clothes by altering/mending clothes at the swap. If you’re interested, Contact Us!

Whatever is not claimed will be taken to a local charity. You can be assured that someone will get a chance to benefit from your donation.

It’s always nice to see other people find clothes, that you were never going to wear, that they are really excited and pleased to get. Of course, it’s also nice when you find clothes too. Especially since they are free! 🙂

Excited to see you there!



Would you like to get notified of when the next Clothing Swap is taking place?

Add your name to our list at the bottom (there are two signup forms) of the event list signup page and you will get an email letting you know the particulars for the each upcoming Clothing & More Swap event.



Q: Do I have to bring clothes to the event?

A: It is not necessary but it certainly helps. Your unwanted clothes (no matter how many, from 1 to many) are always appreciated.

Q: Does it cost?

A: No.   The only person it costs for this event is me, the one holding the event. That cost varies from venue to venue (though there are some costs that are always the same.)  Being as it does cost me I am always open to donations of any amount (really, any at all). If you feel that this event has value and you would like to share in a monetary way, there is a donation box that you can share your appreciation in. I even accept notes of appreciation. 🙂

Q: My clothes are old, stained and ragged. Do you really think anyone would want them?

A: YES!  Clothing can be re-purposed in many many ways. In times past, old clothes were used to make patchwork quilts, braided rugs, new clothes and more and it still happens today. Even the worst of the worst can be used as a grease rag and even if no one at the swap wants them we will either donate them or re-purpose them into rags, rugs, blankets and more.

Q: Can I help at your event?

A: YES! By all means, we welcome volunteers!

Q: Will there be snacks?

A: NO   Although you are welcome to bring something for yourself (and to share if you like). Being that this is a free event and it already costs us, we do not provide any kind of snacks.

Q: What about non clothing items?

A: Well, non clothing items we are a little more picky about.

Anything that is not clothes needs to be in working/usable condition. It needs to be clean. We do not have a way to discard trash so we really need to be strict about non clothing items.

  • No computer monitors that are not flat screen type.
  • No TVs that are not Flat screen type (like 10″ thick or less).
  • No severely outdated computers (more than 5 years since it was the newest model) of any type.
  • Anything that requires pieces (like board games, puzzles and such) must have all of the pieces.
  • If it is electronic, it needs to be in working order.
  • If it is mechanical it needs to be in working order or fixable easily.
  • No large appliances

Q: I have “bugs” (roaches) in my home. Can I donate my electronics?

A: NO  Please do not bring electronics to the swap if you have roaches or think you might. I do apologize for this restriction but there are some things we really don’t want shared with us (roaches are definitely one of those things.) and electronics seem to be magnets to roaches for laying eggs in and creating their “home sweet home” in. If you have seen even one roach in your home in the last three months, please donate your electronic devices somewhere else. If we see any signs of roaches on anything, we will ask you to remove those from the premises. We are not bashful about this. 😉

Q: Can I bring food to donate?

A: YES   You may bring food of any kind to share at the Swap. Fresh, Frozen, Canned, Dried… anything. The only requirements are:

Fresh & Frozen foods must not be left without permission. You may bring anything you want but when you leave, it must go with you unless the host (usually me) has verbally agreed to distribute the food for you. Frozen or refrigerated foods must be in a cooler with enough ice to keep them safe.

Canned and dried foods must be in undamaged containers (cans not dented, packages not open or at least repackaged with original packaging included) and clearly labeled as to their contents.

Q: Would you organize one of these to be held at my home?

A: Absolutely! Contact me for more information and we will make it happen. 🙂


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