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Here I will answer, to the best of my ability, all cuddling questions related to Cuddle Parties. If you do not see your question here please submit your question in the form below and I will do my best to address your question, comment or concern.

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“On another note I am quite shy and have a hard time coming up to people. This is quite a challenge for me because I only have one friend out here and she’s really busy. I want to make new friends but my shyness challenges me in this category.  Would this be an issue at a cuddle party? ”

I can completely relate to this. That is probably one of the main reasons I attended so many Cuddle Parties (10) before I actually got up the nerve to ask someone to cuddle. It won’t be a problem. Even if you do not cuddle with someone you still get to be around warm open people. I kept coming back, in the beginning, because I loved the feeling I had when I went home. I just felt like I had been surrounded by people that were open, honest and sincere. Not something I encounter on a daily basis.

You are welcome to only observe. I would spent a lot of time just sitting and watching or I would go and talk around the snack table in the beginning. No one will pressure you to do anything. Also, You might find that once you have heard the boundaries and communication workshop that it gives you inner strength to reach out and lean into your edge a little to ask someone for something. Even if you don’t, it’s OK and perfectly fine.

I went to 10 Cuddle Parties before I ever asked someone (that wasn’t my wife) to cuddle. That was really hard and a big step for me. So, yeah, I get the shyness. I was right there with you. Cuddle Parties have helped me to break out of my shell and be more able to ask people for things and to be able to say no when I really don’t want to. I mean look at me, I lead them now. lol

Just know that you can leave at any time, you are not required to do anything you do not want to do and, even better, no is a complete sentence at a cuddle party (you never have to explain).


“My husband would never ever ever cuddling another man.”

I hope you don’t mind but you bring up a great point and I know that there are others that feel this way so I would like to share this in the hopes that others that feel this way will, hopefully, here my experience. Thank you so much for bringing this up!

I hear you and can relate.

When I first started going to Cuddle Parties I had a lot of preconceived ideas and preferences about cuddling and a lot of them were attached to sex. To name a few of my early preconceived ideas and preferences – I didn’t want to cuddle with anyone that I wasn’t attracted to and I didn’t want to cuddle with men. There is nothing wrong with having preferences and you never have to cuddle with anyone… ever. Hell, I went to at least 10 Cuddle Parties before I ever asked someone to cuddle (I am much different now. lol).

I kept coming back because of two things. I needed to be reminded of how to say No (Cuddle Parties have a one hour workshop that teaches boundaries and communication before open cuddling.) and I loved being surrounded by the positive feelings, energy and people that are present at these events.

Cuddle Parties have strict rules and boundaries that make it clear that you have to ask and get a verbal yes before touching or being touched by anyone.

Mostly I find that it is a great way to meet people and be surrounded by openness and positive intent. While at the same time I get to practice asking for what I want, being told No and my world not collapsing around me (and hearing yes) and telling others no without feeling the need to make an excuse, a joke or feeling bad for saying no.

If for nothing else, I encourage everyone to attend one for the workshop. You are free to leave at any time so you don’t even have to stay for cuddle time. The workshop alone is so worth it!

Thanks for asking about the cost of Cuddle Parties. It’s a great question.

Why charge anything at all?

Cuddle Parties are hosted by local people who have gone through a training and certification process with the designers and developers of Cuddle Party.

Of course, anyone can invite their friends over to cuddle (in fact, we wish more people did), but our facilitators are trained to teach the participants easy and clear ways to make invitations and communicate clear boundaries.

Simply put, we help a room full of grown-ups in pajamas feel safe and comfortable while learning new skills and enjoying themselves!

Besides the cost of training and certification ($1590), the responsibilities of hosting Cuddle Parties includes the creation and maintaining of websites, hosting, music or music services, domain registration and renewal, newsletters, list servers, advertising, marketing, and other forms of promotion, continued training, and answering questions via phone and email. Our Meet-up page, just one example, costs almost $200 per year. Of course there is the time invested in all of these things as well.

The facilitator/host prepares the space, leads the guests through the mini-workshop, meets any concerns or problems that arise, and cleans up after the event. All in all, the work of hosting an average Cuddle Party takes about as long as the party itself, not including all of the time spent on websites, marketing, advertising, promoting, etc..

Because of all this, we believe it is fair for our certified facilitators to be able to be paid for their responsibilities and time.

Why should I have to pay to cuddle?

You don’t! No one could possibly charge for cuddling. You are welcome to invite friends and family to cuddle any time at all! You are also welcome to invite others from this site for a cuddle as well.

What is unique about a Cuddle Party is that because it is a facilitated experience, most people feel safe enough to attend with people they don’t know. And they are right. Our facilitators create safety by leading the Welcome Circle, which teaches communication and boundary skills and helps everyone get comfortable, and by remaining available for any concerns that may arise. Without an event they can trust, most people are not likely to go to a stranger’s house for a cuddle.

It can help to recall that when you visit a night club, you don’t pay to dance. You pay for the space, atmosphere, band and janitor. The dancing is up to you.

Why would anyone need to learn how to cuddle?

We have found, at the hundreds of parties we have facilitated, that it is not the cuddling that most people come to learn. It is the boundaries and communication skills that are most appreciated by our guests. Once boundaries, choice and communication become easier, the cuddling happens quite naturally.

It is always a joy to see a group of relative strangers, some of whom feel a little awkward at the beginning, relax and enjoy themselves together, and by the end of the evening feel quite cozy and satisfied.

So how much does it cost?

Each local Cuddle Party Facilitator sets the fee or donation for their events.

Each Facilitator sets their own price according to their needs and goals. Morris Menage has set the cost at $20 per person but if the cost is prohibitive (for whatever reason), please ask. We are flexible and can usually use a little help and can give a discount. We also offer discounts to returning cuddlers so ask about this if you would like to know more.

We sincerely offer our services as a Certified Cuddle Party Facilitator, and take our responsibilities seriously. Which means we want everyone at our parties to relax and enjoy their time at our Cuddle Party!

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  1. Hi! I am becoming a cuddliest and need a cuddle party. How often do you do parties? Do you have a calendar for parties planned?
    Thanks! Eleanor

    1. Hi Eleanor. I am currently going through some life changes and I am taking a break from Cuddle Party for a while. I have encouraged our other facilitators in the DFW area to post their events on my Cuddle Party meetup group and in our group website, Cuddle Party DFW. You can also check with our Facebook group for parties posted there.

      When I do start having parties again, they will be posted to my calendar here and notices go out to those on my mail list.

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