Cuddle Party with Gary Morris

Cuddle Party is a 3 1/2 hour long event with a communication and boundaries workshop, usually about one hour long, before open cuddling.

FLUFF!! – Please bring comfortable stuff to cuddle on, for example fluffy blankets, sleeping bags and pillows.

PJ’s – Rule #1 of Cuddle Party is Clothes stay on the entire time so wear comfortable clothes, PJs or sweats are ideal, for cuddling. You can change here if you need to.

SNACKS – please bring a snack to share, and whatever you want to drink (no alcohol). We will have some finger foods and plenty of filtered water to drink.

SCENTS – Allergies/Sensitivity Notes: PLEASE be as scent free as possible, many people are very sensitive or have allergies to artificial smells. I CAN NOT OVER EMPHASIZE THIS. If you forget, please be kind and inform everyone, during the welcome circle when you are introducing yourself, so that those who are sensitive can have an informed choice ahead of time. Yes, it really matters that much to some sensitive people.

TICKETS – We have limited space and ticket sales will end once we have reached the max number of people. Your ticket reserves your spot. Tickets are non-refundable, but you can transfer them to someone else.

You may pay $15 at the door by choosing the “Pay at the door” ticket. By getting your ticket now, you will be saving $5. Please contact me if finances prevent you from attending. I believe everyone should have access to Cuddle Party and we always need help with setup, check in, etc..

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Poly Dinner

PolyD Dallas is a fun, monthly gathering for those who are already polyamorous or just interested. Poly-friendly folks welcome! This is a family event and kids are welcome.

1) Reservations with the restaurant will be made around 2PM-4PM on Thursday the 15th. If you aren’t able to confirm your schedule before then, just message the host and we’ll see if we can still find a spot for you.
2) Maybes will not be included in the final head-count. We’ll have a buffer of anywhere from 5-10 chairs this time, but if you don’t let anyone know you’re coming for sure, there might not be a seat for you.
3) Please RSVP for your guests and kids. To do this, just comment on the wall of the event with a + and the number of people you’re bringing. (Include the symbol! It makes counting it all so much easier.) You can also request a high chair if you need one.

Poly Dinner FAQ :
Talk list url :
BuzzBrews Menu :

Clothing Swap & More

Get your free ticket here.

It’s a new year and a chance to give your closet a new twist. Join us for a clothing and more swap and lots of fun! We thought that right after the holidays would be the perfect time to host a swap.

Bring clothes, unopened food items, toys, books, and anything you feel someone might really find useful or want and you want to get rid of. At the party all of the clothes are somewhat loosely organized together and everyone gets to pick and swap items to add to their wardrobe. Doesn’t that sound like a great way to get rid of clothes you don’t wear anymore and add new pieces to wear?

If you want to barter some things that is acceptable too. We just ask that you bring some things that you are willing to donate to the swap. We want this to be an opportunity to get rid of some things that you might have taking up space that you will never use but you feel is wasteful to just throw away.

We’re looking for volunteers who have sewing machines and/or would be interested in helping to upcycle the clothes by altering/mending clothes at the swap. If you’re interested, reach out to Vega Dandelion or Gary Morris Jr.?! We’d appreciate the help bringing the swap to the next level 🙂

Whatever is not claimed will be taken by Super Love Heroes, a local food bank, charity store or to a local shelter. Hopefully, whoever receives your swaps will be just as grateful as you were when you first got your goodies.

Excited to see you!

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