Poly Events & Adventures

Keep watch for upcoming Events and Adventures for Polyamorous families.

If you are Poly (Polyamorous), Poly accepting, Poly curious or think you might be. You should definitely signup with our list to get notices for upcoming events and activities organized by Morris Menage.

These activities will span the gambit.

  • family friendly
  • adult only
  • for the kids
  • restaurant dinner get together
  • pot luck dinners
  • fun outings (six flags, water parks, spa retreats, vacation packages, ski diving, etc.  You name it, we’ll probably try to organize it. )
  • educational talks, seminars and workshops
  • park outings

Check our events page for the latest updates for all of our events and activities.

We hope you will join us!

If the form below doesn’t work, you can use this link to signup on the MailChimp site directly. http://eepurl.com/bcpGVT

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4 Replies to “Poly Events & Adventures”

  1. good morning if there any poly stuff events in Colorado my husband in I would love to be inform on anything were still looking but for now just a Friend to talk to until get to know the person do to bad luck with women lately all fakes we found want to find a real person out there to be with us were not into groups we just want another women who my man can have two princesses no other men at all he a prince in do not need another prince at all i hope i am on the right page unless this is for groups please let me know we only a three people triad couple in search of one more lady

    1. My site is mostly for the Poly community in the Dallas/Ft. Worth and surrounding areas. I would suggest looking into Facebook groups for Colorado. We have a local group in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area on Facebook and I am sure there is one in Colorado. It is a good place to start when trying to connect to others that are Poly friendly.
      I would also suggest using OKCupid. It is the best online dating site hands down. You will find someone there, if you are patient. It does take some time but they are out there.
      Best of luck in your search.

    1. I have updated the form. If it is still giving you issues I have also included a link to signup directly on MailChimp. Thanks for letting me know. 😀

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