Would you like to host a Cuddle Party?

Would you like to have/host your own Cuddle Party?

Do you need more touch in your life?
Do you have an ideal location for holding a Cuddle Party?
Do you like to have groups of people come to your home (or think that you might)?
If you answer yes to any of these, maybe you would be interested in being a host for a Cuddle Party.

I am a certified Cuddle Party facilitator and I will bring Cuddle Party to your home or location. I am happy to travel and facilitate a party for you (to anywhere, literally). To give you an idea of what is expected of a host and what you can expect from me as your facilitator, I have compiled this list of agreements. If you find these agreements agreeable, contact me and we can go over the specifics.

Cuddle Party Host Agreement

I am looking for homes or appropriate businesses that will host Cuddle Parties. There are a few things I expect and need for a good host location and a few agreements I offer to you as a facilitator.

My agreements:

  • I will be the best guest I can be and follow any rules you have that I have agreed to.
  • I will respect your home/room and treat it with more respect and care than I do my own.
  • I will compensate you for the use of your home in an amount agreed upon before the event (unless you cancel). My rates have historically been $30 for 4 1/2 to 5 hours with two free tickets included for that event ($30 – $50 value). This does not apply to venues outside of the D/FW area. See below for more info if you are outside of Dallas/Ft Worth.
  • I will bring plastic ware, plates, bowls, glasses, bottled water, paper napkins and/or towels and a few snacks.
  • All messes and clutter created by the party/event will be removed per your instructions and your home or room will be returned to a like condition as it was before the party/event.

What I require:

  • A clean home free of chemical scents (no candles, air fresheners, dryer sheets, perfume, cologne, etc.). This one is extremely important.
  • If you have pets, they are kept away from the event and not allowed to be present during the event. If they become a distraction you will attend to them to minimize distractions from the event.
  • A clean and stocked bathroom with at least two clean hand towels or paper towels for the guests and some kind of hand soap (scent free if possible, like Ivory).
  • An empty or relatively empty trash bin (at least enough room for the evening’s trash).
  • Host should be free of alcohol or other substance influence for the event if they are attending.
  • If children are present they can not participate in the event (unless it is a child specific event and then only with others their age and not adults).

If you are interested in hosting a Cuddle Party and these agreements are acceptable to you, please contact me and we can arrange a date that works best for you.


Additional considerations for venues more than 1.5 hours away from Quinlan, TX.

Everything is basically the same but there are a few additional requirements and agreements to consider.

  • We will need some kind of accommodations for up to 3 people for the night after and possibly the night before (depending on distance traveled). It can be as minimal as the cuddle space floor as long as we have fluff. 🙂
  • To reduce costs, no payment is offered to the host. However, two tickets are still offered for the host and one guest.
  • There is a paid ticket minimum of 18 tickets for the event to take place without any cost to the host (cost would be a percentage of travel expenses only). A minimum of 12 paid tickets for the event to not be canceled.
  • It would be helpful if you could send a few pictures of the intended cuddle space and snack areas along with open floor space cuddle dimensions (the space in front of your furniture. Not the whole room. Just the space available for floor cuddles.)
  • Generally it is a good idea to have 4 – 6 weeks before the event in new areas that have not had Cuddle Parties before. A minimum of two weeks is a must but could result in a low turnout.
  • It would be helpful if you are part of a group of some kind where you could share the event. Anything would work. Meetup, Facebook group, local Poly group, book club, etc. anywhere that we can share the event and be exposed to a lot of people in your area.


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