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Book a therapeutic, non-sexual, cuddle session with your Bear today. Gary Morris is a Certified one on one Cuddle Coach with Cuddlist™.

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About Bear Cuddles (Gary)

Rehana and Kristine @ Cuddle Party 300 tall
Double come to Pappa, my favorite. What about you? What’s your favorite cuddle position?

I have found my place in life as a Certified Cuddle Party® facilitator and a one on one Cuddle Coach with Cuddlist. I have found that I am able to share this part of me with others in a way that is beneficial to others and myself. My sincerity and honesty has found a home in what I see is a true extension of my inner self. By being there for others platonic touch needs, I am able to share what I see as the most precious gift I have to offer this world. Perhaps I might make a difference in someone’s life by bringing sincere, genuine care and mindfulness to them through the application of platonic touch.

I have been called a Bear and referred to as a big, huggable, lovable Teddy Bear that gives great hugs and cuddles. People generally feel accepted, comfortable, and safe around me. I am warm and personable and carry an air of confidence that exudes love, tenderness and acceptance of everyone.

I have been a Certified Cuddle Party® facilitator in the Dallas area for over two years and I have led many Cuddle Parties that have changed people’s lives. Cuddling, along with the boundaries and communication aspect that comes with that, is such a new, life changing concept to so many people. When most people first hear about Cuddling with a stranger they react as I did when I first heard of it (“OK… that’s good for someone but that’s not for me.”). Little did I know that I would someday be bringing this gift to the world.

If you are reserved but intrigued, just know that you never have to do anything you are not comfortable with. During a session you can change your mind at any moment. We will both have clear rules and agreements to navigate your session.

If cuddling one on one with a professional cuddler sounds like something you would really like but you’re just not sure about me or cuddling in general, I encourage you to attend a Cuddle Party in your area. This will give you an idea of what we offer as a Cuddlist.

During your session we will go over a few exercises to help to communicate what it is each of us needs to feel safe and comfortable. We will practice saying no, yes and asking for what we want and learning how to accept the answer.

It would be good if you could attend one of my Cuddle Parties to experience the consent, boundaries and communication class that is taught before cuddling so that you can practice these communication skills with others. It is not mandatory to attend a Cuddle Party before a session but it is helpful and will save some time as we can simply review these concepts before your one on one Bear Cuddle session rather than spend time learning them before we proceed.

Session Information from Bear Cuddles (Gary)

My screening process includes a short Pre Session Agreement ( Facilitation Agreement ) for you to read and sign/agree to before any appointments are made.

At this time I only do out-calls and facilitate Cuddle Parties (these are group events). When I am available for in-calls again I will update this profile.

I provide service for all of Dallas/Ft. Worth and surrounding areas. Travel expense compensation is up front before traveling. My travel rates are $1.50 per Google mile to your location (the first 30 miles are free) one way, to anywhere from the 75474 Zipcode.

You must agree to the following agreements for a Bear Cuddle session and we will go over each of them before your session is booked.

  1. You agree to be foreign scent free and your preferred cuddle nest area and room will be foreign scent free (For example. No perfume, cologne, body spray, dryer sheets, candles, air fresheners, essential oils potpourri or any other strong smelling chemicals or scents within the cuddle area or rooms adjoining the cuddle area.). I have MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) and smells are detrimental to my health. Thank you for understanding.
  2. Payment is due before the session.
  3. All agreements will remain from the beginning of a session until the end of that session. Any changes to our agreements will be negotiated after the current session.

My sessions are billed in 30 minute increments with a one hour minimum.

I accept Cash, Credit/Debit cards and I will consider barter proposals.

For more information about me or my Cuddle Parties you may visit my site Feel free to contact me (there or through Cuddlist) if you have any questions.

Skills & Specialties

I am a certified Cuddle Party® facilitator with over a year’s experience.


Contact for best days & time


Facilitation Agreement (must be signed before session)