Poly Dinner Dallas

Poly Dinner

This is just a casual, monthly get-together. Family friendly.


Dallas Poly Dinner is a fun, monthly gathering for those who are already Polyamorous or interested. Poly-friendly folks welcome as well! This is a family event and kids are welcome.

1) Reservations with the restaurant will be made around 2PM-4PM on the proceeding Thursday. If you aren’t able to confirm your schedule before then, just message the host and we’ll see if we can still find a spot for you.

2) Maybes will not be included in the final head-count. We’ll have a buffer but if you don’t let anyone know you’re coming for sure, there might not be a seat for you.

3) Please RSVP for your guests and kids. To do this, just comment on the wall of the event with a + and the number of people you’re bringing. (Include the symbol! It makes counting it all so much easier.) You can also request a high chair if you need one.



There’s parking under the building but be careful if you are driving a car or vehicle that is low to the ground because you will drag when going in and when leaving.

There’s parking on Bowzer, the residential street behind the restaurant.
Oh yeah and Do not park in front of other businesses. ESPECIALLY Radio Shack. Unless you like giving money away to tow companies.


The Dallas Poly Dinner is the cornerstone of the poly community. For over a decade, this event has been sustained as a safe space to meet each other and be ourselves. 3rd Friday every month, time and location are usually the same.

Just a few notes on RSVPs. This event gets posted in multiple places, so if you’ve already accepted on Facebook or another Meetup group, don’t worry about doing it here so I don’t double count anyone.

Also, if you’re bringing someone who -can’t- RSVP (kids or someone who isn’t on any of the groups) then comment about it. Put + and the number of people you’re bringing and it’ll be super easy for me to get tallied up.

Poly Adventures goes to Fright Fest

Only a few days left of Fright Fest and I want to make use of my Fright pass. 🙂

If you have been wanting to go to Six Flags but haven’t had anyone to go with, here’s your opportunity. 🙂 Let’s all get together ride some rides, visit the shows, haunted houses and eat some food that we’ll regret the next day. lol

This is a family friendly event so bring ya kids too. 🙂

Here are some links to get tickets or a season pass, if you don’t already have one. 

Season pass (they have monthly subscriptions starting at $5.45 – $6.25 or $64.99 – $74.99 if you pay it all at once.) – https://www.sixflags.com/ overtexas/store/ season-passes  Season Passes
One day tickets (Buy your Fright Fest ticket at least one day in advance and save $20 – $52.99. On the day Fright Fest tickets are $72.99) – https://www.sixflags.com/ overtexas/store/tickets Daily Tickets